Jellis Craig Ringwood Classic

The Jellis Craig Ringwood Classic is our annual Invitational Tournament run at the end of the bowls season.  This is a great day with over $8,000 prize money handed out.

Players from all over the state and country come to compete in the event.

1998 C. Ellis L. Perrin P. Ford G. Smith
1999 G. Cooper R. Graham B. Dwyer B. Long
2000 S. Roberts J. Straga G. Bourke-Finn J. Bourke-Finn
2001 M. Johnson A. McQuarrie B. Stephens H. Filliponi
2002 T. Witkowski S. Manifold G. Papadimitriou D. Corrigan
2003 D. Gatewood R. Kennebury I. Smethurst T. Dawes
2004 J. Allison K. Pruden K. Gooding I. Rowe
2005 J. Allison K. Pruden K. Gooding I. Rowe
2006 John Simmonds D. Mays Joel Simmonds M. Alyward
2007 T. Stafford L. Such D. Tebbet N. McRae
2008 J. Pattie G. Dolan K. Gooding I. Rowe
2009 S. Manifold M. Creighton S. Williams E. Pell
2010 R. Davey M. Weeks A. Brooks M. O’Halloran
2011 A. Fisher L. Stammers L. Beckman A. Clark
2012 A. Witkowski T. Witkowski M. Weeks D. McGuire
2013 M. Szabo P. Russell J. Bulmer L. Szabo
2014 N. McRae M. Murphy B. Boulton N. Schiavello
2015 A. Witkowski J. Sanders E. Rabinov P. Dodd
2016  S. Said  R. Jansen  G. Ball  R. Kopcewicz
2017  L. Lamont  A. Skilton R. Nicholson C. Laid
2018  J. Corless  L. Aiello B. Gibson M. Cipolla