Roll UP

July 2, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Liz Bower
9870 6767
Roll UP

Roll up is a fun, fast, relaxed, social program that’s running at bowls clubs around Victoria!
Developed in conjunction with VicHealth, Roll Up is designed to get more young people active through sport. The 6 week program aims to create an accessible, fun and socially inclusive environment. Participants learn the rules of bowls and develop their skills through weekly club coaching to build confidence and a love for the sport. Roll Up is a great after school sport that you can play with your friends. Music, food and refreshments are also provided at each session. If you’re looking for an fun afternoon activity, get your friends together and register to play!

Who can play?
Roll Up is targeted at boys and girls aged 9-17 years old. New and existing bowlers are welcome, however, no experience is necessary.

Is there a cost?
In 2019 Roll Up is being offered by selected clubs for free; giving all kids the opportunity to play a sport without any financial burden to families. The program is funded through VicHealth and is part of a $6 million state government commitment to Growing Participation in Sport.