The Club currently offers multiple levels of membership comprising of:

Level 1: Full Membership with eligibility to take part in all Club activities.

Level 2: For longer serving members who through age or ill health no longer wish to participate in Pennant play or Club championships. A qualifying period of 3 full years of continuous membership currently applies to this level.

Level 3: Is a Social level for members who do not wish to play outdoor bowls but to enjoy the Club’s facilities and play Indoor Biased Carpet Bowls.

Junior: Under 18 years are eligible to take part in all Club activities but with restrictions on the purchase and consumption of liquor.

Life: Honoured for services to the Club and eligible to take part in all activities.

With the exception of Level 3 members, Club membership allows you to play Bowls as a visitor at other domestic and international Bowling clubs. Level 3 members can represent the Club in the Indoor Biased Carpet Bowls pennant competition.

New members who are either non-bowlers or experienced bowlers are being actively sought. Upon joining any new bowler is provided with coaching by one of our Nationally Accredited Coaches at no cost. All new members are provided with a mentor to assist them in integrating into the Club.